Damages and Return Policy

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AMPCO by AJW allows a window of opportunity to report any damages or shortages. As a result, it is crucial that prior to signing for receipt of your shipment you:

  • Inspect the shipment and contents for visible or concealed damage
  • Confirm you received all requested components and hardware
  • Note any damaged or missing items on the delivery ticket
  • Notify AMPCO by AJW of any damaged or missing components and hardware within 24 hours

If damages or shortages are not noted on the delivery ticket or a claim is made after the initial 24 hour post-delivery deadline, customers will be required to file the claim independently with the freight company.

We fully understand that by the time toilet compartments are requested a project is near completion. This is precisely why it is important to inspect and note all items in a timely manner and why we will endeavor to expedite repairs and any missing components and hardware.Damages and Return Policy