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Aluminum Adjustable Door Frames

Anodized Aluminum Split Jamb Adjustable Door Frame
Finished Wall Thicknesses from 2 ½” to 10” (63.5 mm to 254 mm)

Refer to frame specifications. Available with 20 minute and 45 minute fire rating. AMPCO by AJW also manufactures toilet partitions and high-pressure laminate and unfinished wood veneer architectural wood doors.

All AMPCO by AJW adjustable door frames are factory pre-assembled and consist of two parts: (1) the main frame and (2) adjuster frame. This frame can be easily installed in a rough opening by two people in 20 minutes.

Installation Instructions:

• Place mainframe assembly into the rough opening with hinge jamb against wall stud. Shim if necessary. Attach hinge jamb to wall stud with screws provided.
• Hang door, shim strike jam to proper clearances and attach to wall stud with screws provided.
• Place adjuster frame assembly into rough opening and mainframe, hold tight or clamp against wall surface. Attach to mainframe assembly with screws provided.
• Install balance of door hardware and check for proper operation and clearance.
• Press or tap Snap-On cover into position.
• Note: AMPCO by AJW recommends the use of clamps during installation to hold the frame tight against the wall.

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