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AMPCO by AJW is pleased to offer Nevamar, Wilsonart and Formica brand high pressure decorative laminate in General Purpose, grade GP 50, 0.050” thick (1.270 mm), +/- .005, meeting NEMA LD3, 2005 standards.  In addition to the wide selection of standard colors, AMPCO by AJW also offers a number of premium finishes and colors at an additional cost.  Colors may be mixed on any AMPCO by AJW Job. Other brands of plastic laminate may be selected at an additional cost and may require a longer lead-time.

AMPCO by AJW standard quotations provide for a total of one or two color selections for a job, one color per door. Additional colors may be selected and doors can be made with two colors, one on the inside face and another on the outside face, for an additional cost.

The color charts contain swatch paper representations, as well as printed reproductions. If you would like actual laminate samples, please contact AMPCO by AJW.

AMPCO by AJW uses High Pressure decorative laminate in door sizes not normally available from local warehouses. We custom order from the factory, our lead-time for laminates is typically 2-4 weeks.

AMPCO by AJW laminates its faces before its edges as standard manufacturing practice. We also offer stained edges, painted edges and applied PVC edges if required.

Please indicate your color selection on the shop drawings.

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