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AMPCO by AJW manufactures High Pressure decorative laminate doors in a wide variety of construction cores and styles.  AMPCO by AJW doors are attractive, require low maintenance, and are extremely durable.  Our fire doors have ratings ranging from 20 minutes for our particleboard core to 1-½ hours for our mineral core door.  Fire labels are also available. These doors (except for sound rated doors) carry a lifetime warranty on the original installation. All AMPCO by AJW doors and hardware conform to the standards set by the American National Standard Institute.

Quality Standards: Conforms to WDMA Industry Standard I.S.-1A-11 and Architectural Woodwork Institute and ASTM E-152, Fire Test of Door Assemblies as performed by Warnock Hersey International.

Faces and Edges: High pressure decorative laminate General Purpose Grade and Post Form Grade complying with NEMA standard LD-3. Type II bond as specified.

Adhesive: Type I or Type II bond, by specification, between faces and core/frame components. Formulated using no urea formaldehyde.

Warranty: AMPCO by AJW Doors carry a Lifetime warranty from date of manufacture. For original installation only. (Except for STC (Sound Rated Doors) and LL (Lead Lined) doors.

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