Why Choose Laminate Doors?

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High Pressure Laminate not only looks better, it also lasts longer. High Pressure Laminate is durable and decorative, consistent from run to run. Laminate provides impact and wear resistance to the surface of doors. It also provides added resistance to scratching compared to a veneer door.


  • Great selection of solid colors, patterns, and wood grains.
  • Convincing wood grains give the look, and feel of wood.
  • Color, look, and feel of laminate doors are predictable and uniform.
  • Laminate is more durable than wood veneer.
  • Laminate is more resistant to scratches and gouges that wood veneer.
  • Finishes can replicate various wood veneer finished looks.

Cost Practicality:

  • No on-site finishing required.
  • Less punch list repairs than wood veneer doors, fewer delays.
  • Easy to clean with everyday cleaning solvents.
  • Laminate never needs re-finishing.
  • Less long-term maintenance than wood veneer doors.
  • Replacement or additional doors are sure to match.
  • Edges can be easily replaced and are sure to match.


  • Superior customer service and support
  • High Pressure laminate is made from renewable sources.
  • Laminate is manufactured with environment-friendly processes.
  • Using laminate does not involve destroying exotic wood species.
  • Laminate doors typically cost less than pre-finished wood veneer.
  • Smooth, clean, non-porous surface.

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